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Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 31

Hello all! Sorry I haven't posted, but I don't want to post a million little posts, but instead make larger posts to not annoy and bombard readers with little clips of what's going on.

In other news, baby Nikko is almost THREE WEEKS ahead of schedule in size! The specialist said he has a big head and a big belly (which I have his daddy to thank for that) and the only thing that is on target is the size of his femur bones! So although I am going to most likely have a big baby (gosh I'm scared) he is completely healthy! I'm hoping he evens out over the next nine weeks and he's under 9 pounds. No bands, except the same one that is floating in the fluid since we found out about the ABS and we go back for another growth scan on May 22nd.

This Friday, Eric (baby daddy in case anyone hasn't caught onto that already) and I are going to an appointment at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to speak with an orthopedic surgeon about our post pregnancy options. We will mostly be talking about the separation of his little fingers on the right hand and what can be done to elongate them (if necessary).

I don't know if I posted on here about my doctor leaving the practice I'm at, but I was extremely devastated to hear that she was. She was there with me from the beginning and has been the woman in contact with the specialist since the ABS was discovered. I was going to follow her to her new practice, but it's about 30 minutes further than where I'm at now and I also found out she is at a clinic and will be training and working with the students doing their residency at the hospital she is now affiliated with. It pains me to not see her and have her deliver our little boy, but it won't benefit me to move all of my info and treatment to a new office at a new hospital that is further away. I do have a doctor at my current practice that I love as well and she is now overseeing my care and will deliver the baby.

I will post over the weekend to let everyone know about the CHOP appointment.

Here's a side profile of our little man! He moves so much which makes it extremely difficult to get a 4D image of him!

And I leave you with a photo from my maternity shoot over the weekend. They came out absolutely beautiful and I hope you all enjoy it as well! There is more over on my Facebook--CLICK HERE and I also have two more scheduled for this coming weekend and the beginning of next month!